Flexenet Enterprise Dual Delivery

Enterprise Dual Delivery tm from Flexenet

Enterprise Delivery provides supreme reliability by providing two independent deliveries of all your trader voice, by twin DS3, IP or STM pipes

  • Typically delivered from independent Flexenet POP's with carrier class, managed customer premises equipment (CPE)
  • All your A end, B/Z end and Y shaped circuits redundantly secured
  • Lowest cost with highest level of resilience
  • You can still DR any circuit independently to your DR site

DataCenter Delivery

DataCenter Delivery tm from Flexenet

DataCenta Delivery Builds on our Expertise in Resilient delivery to provide service where client elect to deliver to remote, often out of city center facilities, and trunk data into the production sites over their own (or Flexenet) bandwidth

  • Typically based on triangulated delivery for all paths
  • DR/BCM is seamless
  • Provides for denial of access and carrier failure resilience
  • Ask for an ultra competitive quote

Fully Manage Your Trader Voice From The Cloud

Cloud Control Portal For all Management and Provisioning

Instant Turn up of TDM or SIP/IP circuits

Lowest Prices For Metro and International Circuits

The core of the technology is the Flexenet Cloud based User Portal and Switch control software, which transparently and instantly passes the user requests to the appropriate switch or switches and provisions or modifies a client trader voice circuit.

The result of this is instant response to either a client's provisioning request, DR scenario change, or move and groom request.

Instant changes on a circuit by circuit base, mean that resilience is taken to a new high. Regardless of delivery  by T1, E1, DS3,  STM1 or scalable private resilient IP pipes.

Flexenet is available Globally, from Houston and Chicago to Istanbul and Moscow.  Delivery is by scalable TDM unblocked bearer or twin dedicated private IP pipe up to 1Gb x 2


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