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You can handle resilience tasks with ease and meet your business continuity management (BCM) requirements, including tests, invocations, lines and sites and per trader load balancing all comfortable in the knowledge that full authorisation, accountability and auditing are a given. No more costly circuit grooming exercises will be required again.

The FLEXeNET solution can even control other providers circuits for a full seamless DR solution and process all included in the standard product set. No more additional costs for bespoke DR solutions. FLEXeNET are resetting the DR market place cost base with real solutions and full control. With the FLEXeNET solution you can change your DR program every day as your line lists change. Just drop any amount of your lines into one of your many dedicated DR baskets and your lines are ready to invoke the secure DR process should the need arise. It is that simple. No phone calls or additional costs. You are in control.


Flexenet DR is at DS0 granularity - no need to choose between DR on non critical lines or facing the risk from grooming all critical DR'd lines to one bearer set.


DR individual trader voice lines without them having to be on the same E1 bearer

Create multiple DR scenarios in advance

Select and invoke a DR scenario from any internet access point in the world

Switch 1000’s trader voice lines at the press of a button

Revert back to the original location in seconds

No need for expensive Y shaped circuits with their inherent security issues

Unlimited test invocations at no cost to prove your DR strategy

Used for temporary moves and office relocation – not just in an emergency

No dependence on a third party to invoke when a major event does occur