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FLEXeNET Customer Support Procedures



Flexenet is proud to deliver the best technical support in the industry with a dedicated engineers who actually care ! They designed the network, they built it from the ground up, and now they are passionate about ensuring Flexenet clients are as successful as they can be using the Flexenet trader voice network in their own organisation.

If you have a problem with any Flexenet service, Flexenet will take complete ownership of identifying the source of the problem and providing you with a solution, no matter where the fault lies. If it is your problem it is our problem.


Contacting The FLEXeNET Customer Service Centre

The Flexenet Customer Service Centre can be contacted on the numbers shown above 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Flexenet engineering team may also be contacted via email to technicalsupport@flexenet.net and the Flexenet web site at www.flexenet.net contains an array of general information.

Take Advantage of the Flexenet Portal

The Flexenet portal shows the current status on every individual private wire and bearer in your inventory. This is updated every 20 seconds and will allow you to identify any circuits in alarm immediately.

If you have a fault reported out to you first check your status on the Flexenet portal, anything with a red traffic light has a line fault and our engineers will already be aware of that. If the circuit in question has a green light other issues such as handset failures or trader absent may be causing the fault.

Reporting a Fault to Flexenet

To report an urgent service affecting fault call the Flexenet Customer Service Centre for your region on the numbers shown above. Less urgent technical enquiries can be made via the service centre or via email.

The service centre use bespoke software to log and track faults. The service centre will issue the customer with a unique ticket number for each fault. They will then pass the fault ticket to the FLEXeNET engineering team who will investigate then contact the customer directly to resolve the fault.

The Target Time to Repair (TTR) is four hours from the time the ticket is opened.

The helpdesk will inform the customer by phone when the fault has been repaired by engineers and ask for customer confirmation that the fault is resolved before closing the fault ticket. Service updates and fault status will be sent out to affected customers every 30 minutes during the life time of a fault via email.

To enable Flexenet to work through your call efficiently we will need the following information:
  • Company name
  • Name and telephone number of person reporting the fault
  • All relevant FLEXeNET circuit numbers as shown on the portal
  • Full detailed description of fault.

Escalation of a Fault

If you are not satisfied with progress on any fault, you can escalate the fault as per the table below:

Escalation Level 1



Technical Director

Escalation Level 2



Account Director

Escalation Level 3

Chris Rose

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Details of every fault ticket are sent to all of the escalation contacts when the fault ticket is first opened so they will already be well aware of any issues.

Bespoke reports detailing fault history for whatever period the customer requires are available on request to your FLEXeNET Account Manager.






Support Contact


All faults should be reported to the 24x7x365 support centre on

Europe +44 (0)844 567 5677

USA +1 212 618 1221


email: technicalsupport@flexenet.net