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Internet VPN Delivery Options

Internet VPN Delivery Options

E1/T1 Handoff to IPC, BT, Etrali or Speakerbus Systems



Suitable for locations with difficult or high cost access, or unable to get dedicated bandwidth


  • Delivered via client’s existing public internet acces
  • Delivered to client’s own existing dealerboard
  • Connected via secure IP VPN using Flexenet Internet Gateway and Cisco IPVPN Gateway



Cisco 3002 IP VPN                    Flexenet Internet Gateway F1002



  • Suitable for multiple  E1/T1’s
  • Mounted in client’s own rack
  • Instant set up / Plug and Play
  • Secured via MD5 hardware encryption
  • Inbound or Outbound Private Wires
  • All equipment provided as part of Cost of Private Wire Monthly charge
  • Local, National or International Circuits
  • Hoot, MRD, ARD
  • Easily incorporated as part of DR scenario