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FLEXeTURRET With Sharing and PSTN

The FLEXeTURRET Soft Turret is a revolution in cloud based delivery to the private line ring down market.

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FLEXeTURRET Now supports

  • HOOT, ARD, MRD, Intercom &PSTN calls
  • 20, 30, or 60 Buttons
  • Free of Charge
  • Global backbone with USA/Europe/Asia connectivity

To download the white paper "5 Connection Types for FLEXeTURRET " click here



A fully integrated end point on the Flexenet network and Portal, install and trade with traditional turret users in the established markets within minutes.

  • HOOT and ARD
  • Start-up and small trading floors
  • Remote Traders
  • Commodities Traders
  • Replacement of old turret systems
  • Remote access to private lines
  • Large Bank/Broker clients who need to trade with traditional turret users.
  • DR Site deployment
  • Y shape to a back office
  • Cost reduction


  • Full encryption - TLS+ SRTP
  • Voice Recording
  • Certified
  • Tablet or PC
  • Windows 7+
  • Broadcast
  • Speaker Box
  • Line Sharing
  • Speaker Box Replacement
  • No back office infrastructure
  • No cables or additional bandwidth
  • Install and trade in 5 minutes
  • Individual Volume / Mic per channel
  • Uses existing Enterprise internet access
  • Fully administered by admin not trader
  • Provisioned via the Flexenet Portal
  • Instant real time provisioning
Far end can be
  • Classic private wires and turrets
  • Soft Turrets
  • Forked Circuits
  • A DR Location