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The Power of the Portal

Our Technology:

Flexenet is a leading provider of Trader Voice (Private Wires) to Top Tier Banks, Brokers, and Buy Side institutions across the world.

In 2009 we rolled out our service based on a new concept of giving our clients, both ends, the ability to provision and manage all aspects of their trader voice service.

We now have thousands of circuits in use across the globe.


Our New Business Model

Our ethos is to our circuits on daily calculated and bills and daily cancellation. We offer highly competitive pricing to compliment our superior service.



Our portal revolutionises DR, by putting this in the clients hands and allows it so be operated on a circuit by circuit basis and not bearer by bearer.


Bridged Circuits

We offer the ability to drag and drop circuits onto bridges, right in the portal and at no extra cost to the underlying circuit legs.


Instant Provisioning

The power of the portal ensures zero delay from the entire Flexenet service in brining up your lines.

Quite simply, when your counter party is ready - you are ready!


Talk to us about the Power of the portal - Our number and contact details are at the top under 'contact us'