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Who is Flexenet?

Privately held

Flexenet is a privately held company founded in London in 2009.  We have since expanded and now have a global presence. 

Telecommunications company

We are a specialist telecommunications company focused on providing private lines to the financial community.  Flexenet brings leading innovation to the market with a productive blend of traditional services and cloud based solutions to address the changing needs of the market.

With a Global Trader Voice Platform

Flexenet delivers a Global Trader Voice Platform to provide secure private voice communication links between traders on the trading floors of investment banks, brokers, and hedge funds globally, with a reputation for low prices, reliability, and quality of service in each region.

Providing faultless Customer Support

Flexenet provides faultless customer support from our headquarters.  Our Follow-the-Sun NOC is staffed throughout all trading hours in New York, London and the Far East, constantly monitoring our network and solving issues before they become problems, assuring our customers of instant response to any issue.

With Clients in all major markets

The Flexenet Network offers true global presence with clients operational in all major markets, asset classes, and institution types.

Meet The Team

chris rose 2_edited.jpg

Chris Rose

anup sahans_edited.jpg

Anup Sahans

ben lao_edited.jpg

Ben Lao

david jones_edited.jpg

David Jones

eden heath_edited.jpg

Eden Heath

ian barber 2_edited.jpg

Ian Barber

joe rizzuto 3_edited.jpg

Joe Rizzuto

john osonya_edited.jpg

John O'Sonya


Kiela Wilson

leo leung_edited.jpg

Leo Leung

leonard menash_edited.jpg

Leonard Menash

martin little_edited.jpg

Martin Little

pankaj misra_edited.jpg

Pankaj Misra

patrick moody_edited.jpg

Patrick Moody

ryo shinozuka_edited.jpg

Ryo Shinozuka

sally coleman_edited.jpg

Sally Coleman

tony ser_edited.jpg

Tony Ser

tony sims_edited.jpg

Tony Sims

valerie goncalves_edited.jpg

Valerie Goncalves

will lowe_edited.jpg

Will Lowe

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