Flexenet's cloud based trading turret application, the FLEXeTURRET, is a trading turret application installed on the traders desktop Windows PC and connects via the cloud to Flexenet’s extensive global trader voice network. 














Offering all of the features and the same user experience of a traditional turret,  with the addition of instant messaging, FLEXeTURRET is an end point to any traditional Flexenet private trader voice line.  No on-site infrastructure is required beyond the trader's existing PC and internet connection.


Unlike other soft turret solutions, Flexenet is an open environment fully embedded as part of an existing private line network.  The distant end can be on any trading turret solution, without restriction, and on any trader voice network.

The huge capital and ongoing costs of traditional physical trading turrets are prohibitive and, combined with the capability and broad acceptance of the cloud as a service delivery platform, FLEXeTURRET provides an exciting new trading turret solution.

For more information you can view our documentation or you can register to create a user login and download the turret application.

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