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What's New at Flexenet?

What's New?

Flexenet Launches new SIP enabled portal allowing the seamless use of SIP, TDM or Analogue private wires across the Flexenet network


As the private wire industry moves inexorably towards native SIP delivery, Flexenet are excited to launch our new portal, with fully integrated dual SIP and TDM capability.    We can deliver native SIP private wires directly into your trading system without the need for a gateway, irrespective of what technology the distant end is using and all managed seamlessly within the Flexenet portal.


Interoperability between SIP and TDM delivery of private wires  is essential as we work through the global transition, with users across all delivery models. The point is you don’t want to care what the distant end is using, you just want the line to work, and for provisioning to be easy!


Your Flexenet portal manages all of this for you, with some exciting new enhancements to manage the increasing scale of the Flexenet network including :-


  • SIP/TDM Interoperability

  • Real time fault reporting and analysis via the portal direct to our NOC

  • Global Account management – manage multiple entities from a single login

  • Instant messaging with distant end counter parties

  • Enhanced line creation features

  • PO / Cost centers for each private wire

  • Graphical representation of multi-way bridge connections

  • Smartphone link for quick access to system overview


The new portal user guide detailing all of the new features can be downloaded from our website under the ”Download” tab or click:  Portal User Guide


With the new portal now live and active you will see the difference next time you login, although don’t worry it will still be very familiar to our regular users.


If you would like any further information or assistance with the new portal please do not hesitate to contact your regional Flexenet team or

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